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COMICS-BOOKS (about teaching this topic - genre)

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BOOKS (about teaching this topic/genre)

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• Carter, J. (Ed.). (2007). Building literacy connections with graphic novels: page by page, panel by panel.  Urbana, IL; National Council of Teachers of English

• Fisher, D. & Frey, N. (Eds.). (2008).  Teaching visual literacy: using comic books, graphic novels, cartoons and more to develop comprehension and thinking.  Thousand Oaks, CA; Corwin Press

• Gorman, M. (2003). Getting graphic: using graphic novels to promote literacy with pre-teens and teens.  Columbus, OH; Linworth.

• Lyga, A. with Lyga, B. (2004). Graphic novels in your media center: a definitive guide.  Westport, CT; Libraries Unlimited.  

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